Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first teacher in crochet

In a random Google search for crochet, I occasionally found The Art of Crochet - Teresa. I am really impressed with her work, although threre are thousands of websites, blogs and videos about crochet on internet. Her instructions and videos are so great that you just need to follow her channels to become a good crocheter! I did not know anything about crochet before, even how to distinguish knitting from crocheting! Thanks to Teresa, who dedicated most of the time, mind and money for teaching crochet to everyone around the world for free, I now can be well-done with plenty of crochet techniques and can make anything I like!

You should not miss her YouTube channel for hundreds of best tutorial videos to improve
your crochet rapidly if you are a beginner like me. But if you are crochet expert, you also can get a lot of new and useful things for your skill here; and even if you are non-crocheter, you will have chance to admire her talent!

With my heart full of appreciation, I would like to say thank you Teresa a thousand times. I would never reached crochet so fast without your help. You are my great teacher, who are very kind and giving. I am so lucky, and never so more for the love of crochet you have given to me.


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