Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pattern: Puffy Cell Phone Cozy

Hi everyone!
I made this cell phone cozy for a friend awhile back and was asked for the pattern. OK, I can't let you wait any longer so am glad to share you here:
Yarn: cotton or any yarn.
Hook: any size to match your yarn. I used 3.5mm hook and cotton yarn for mine to fit a cell phone with 4.5" H x 2.31" W x 0.37" D.
This pattern has a multiple of 2, so you can easily adjust the bottom narrower or wider in an even number of stitches.
Puff stitch: Please refer this site for the method of finishing a puff stitch - using method A for this pattern.

Make 14 foundation single crochet (or chain 14 if you prefer to use a chain instead).
Ch 1, sc in the same stitch, sc in each of the next 12 sts, 4 sc in the next st, sc in each of the next 12 sts, 3 sc in the last stitch, join with sl st to the first ch. (32 sc in total)

  • Round 1: ch 2, *make a puff stitch in the same st, dc in the next stitch. Repeat from * for the remaining stitches, slip stitch to the first puff stitch to join. (16 combos of puff stitch and dc in total).
  • Round 2: ch 1, sc in the same st, sc in the next st, *front post sc around the next puff stitch, sc in the next dc. Repeat from * to the last st. Sl st to the first sc to join.
Repeat round 1 and 2 until you get the desired length of your cell phone.
Make one or two rounds of sc on top, attach a button if you like and your cozy is ready!

Here is the new one I made with this pattern, isn't it lovely? :)

Enjoy! Lovely day to you all!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Returns and Sunshine Award!

Hello, hello everyone!

I've got back after a short vacation, so now I'm so happy to be here and say Hello again! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! For me, I know I had! ;)

I would like to express my THANK YOU for all your kind words on my last post. They really touched my heart. My dear friend Donna told me your comments warmed her heart so much. How precious bloggy friendship is! I'm sure she would not mind when I reprint this from her message to me: "And the comments left on your blog warmed my heart so much! They were so kind in their comments about our friendship and about my FRIEND album, so very, very nice!". So, we thank you!

When I returned, I received many lovely things which made me so happy! My Mom prepared food for me to enjoy together, my dear friend's message arrived to welcome me back! I also received this Sunshine Award from lovely Aisyah at My Tinker Space, thank you Aisyah!
Well, to follow the rule I have to tell something about myself:
  • I love sunshine! :)
  • I love coffee and... dogs! :)
  • I learned to swim last year and now I forget how to swim!
  • My childhood memories are always in my mind...
  • My hair is dark brown naturally and I don't want to dye it any color.
I'm done! In turn I have to pass this award on to other blogs, oh I'm so scared of this part! All your blogs are awesome, and all deserve the award, but I have to pick some friends so I would like to pass it on to:
    1. My dear friend, Donna, who is very special to me and is a part of my life...
    2. Josie, who always makes me happy with her words of encouragements...
    3. Susie, lovely lady who is always with me from the beginning of my blogging...
    4. Tammy, she seems never misses any post of mine to leave her kind words on!
    5. Penelope, a nice friend who gives me so many inspirations...
    6. Annemiek, talented lady who loves dogs as much as I do...
    7. DaPerfectMix, lovely friends who is also with me from the beginning...
    8. Carol, a kind lady who always spreads her love to everyone...
    9. Sonia, who leaves her sweet comments of motivation on my crafting work so far... 
    10. Caz, "never knew" how her nice words meant...
    I would be happy if you feel free to take this award and pass it on to other blogging friends, but please don't mind if you don't want to!

    Great day to you all!

    Take care and till next time! x

      Monday, July 18, 2011

      Wonderful Gift from a Special Friend

      My dearest friend Donna (visit her blog here) told me she was making something for me, something small but special! How I thank God for the amazing friendship we have, she is very special to me, always caring and so thoughtful! She always cares about me and my family, my work, my love, my life, my hobbies, ... and we share everything together! She always brings joy to my life with a sweet friendship and thoughtfulness. We have so many things in common, same hobbies, same month of birthday, and our sweethearts are both great! :)

      One day she notified me "something special" was on the way, so excited! We waited and prayed, again and again, for our "Dove" arriving safely and soundly, over the mountains and the Pacific Ocean! We were very excited, really excited while waiting! When my Mom called at Monday noon to tell our "Dove" had just arrived my home, oh God, my heart jumped up and down, I wrote her right away to tell the "hot news", and she was also so excited as much as I was!!!

      I came home from work and rushed into my room. I guessed something would be in the box before, but when I opened it, I just cried...! There was so many beautiful stuff she made especially for me, I took every item out with tears in my eyes, I could feel the LOVE she put in each of them, I was really really touched...

      The FRIEND album she sent me is her first Word album, but it came out fabulous! I love it ever so much, and obviously, I was special!

      I cried again when I opened each page...
      The "R", with a beautiful crochet butterfly, everything little in it carried a Love message from her heart to mine...

      The "I", with many beautiful ideas and creations in, only came from LOVE...

      The "E", oh how I love these pretty flowers, with some lovely tags included for me to fill in with anything I would like...

      The "N", so vintage, so beautiful and I believe the folded round in green paper at the center with a pretty flower on is an "O" from the word "lOve"...

      And the "D", look like you are opening the doors when you take the button and open it out. It's the room filled with LOVE, just open it to feel overwhelmed! But I will not worry if it's closed, as her love is all around here!

      She asked me to be honest with her first word album, oh which word I can say better than WONDERFUL! "Yes, Donna, only a very talented woman can make such a wonderful album like this herself! And you made it with love, so it's much more amazing! Believe me!"

      She also made me feel I'm special with this: "The crochet heart is from mine to yours! Just give it a couple of squishes and the aroma of Lavender will fill the room!". Soooo sweet!!!

      "And I'm going to try to squeeze in some yarn for you to play with!"...

      Such a beautiful yarn, so soft and lovely! The other yarn below is very beautiful, she was so careful to press it in a plastic bag with a Food Saver machine, so it can fit the box easier!
      I kept my patience not to cut it out until I can take a picture, and oh my, look these beautiful yarn when I took it out of the bag! How I just love love love them!!!

      And here are two jars of jam she made, one Strawberry and one Mango. I and my family have just enjoyed it and must say it's so yummy! We all love it! The most delicious jam I've ever tried!

      Many beautiful flower seeds for my Mom...

      And a very lovely card with her hand-writing letters on... Each word in it touched my heart, so much...

      I love all of them, each of them, it meant a lot to me. I told her, it's not only a gift, it's a GREAT gift from a heart to a heart! What I could expect more?!!

      I appreciate this more than I can say. Thank you my dear friend for making me such a wonderful and unique gift! A huge hug and thank you both - Donna and Don - for your love and thoughtfulness to a friend from so far away...

      Thank you everyone for your visit and taking the time to read my post today. I would love to share you all my feeling and my happiness that the friendship has been bringing to me. Thank you for your lovely comments of encouragement so far...

      Best wishes to everyone and enjoy your gorgeous new week ahead! Enjoy the friendship you have and Happy Blogging!!!

      Until next time, x

      Tuesday, July 5, 2011

      Lovely Cell Phone Cozies

      Hello friends!

      How are you doing? I hope you all had a great weekend. Thanks you very much for your nice words on my last posts also. It's a while I haven't been here and I miss blogging so!  That's great to have something to blog again! :)

      A friend of mine told me she loved a cozy for her new cell phone, so I made these small stuff to surprise her on her birthday. I took these pictures a week ago but so busy to post.
      I made this one using star stitch pattern from Teresa (video tutorial here). I love the stitch and the pattern so much, I used to make one when I had just learned to crochet, by following instructions from her, it turned out not too bad, hehe! But I can feel the difference with this one!

      And this one is my own pattern, with a combination between puff stitch and double crochet, the next round were front post single crochet and repeated, it came out ever so lovely!

      Both of them were given to my friend as a birthday gift, she texted me "I love them so much did you know!", I was happy too!

      They covered and fitted the cell phone perfectly!
      and lovely!
      I will make some more for myself and friends, cozies are always really fun to make!

      Thank you for stopping by, I wish your new week is wonderful and cheerful!!!

      Until next time! x