Friday, April 23, 2010

Crochet for sharing

I have found that crochet is also a happiness, when you not only crochet for yourself, but for the others around you. I have just finished a hat and gave it for my close colleague as a giveaway. She loves it so much and it's so happy to me when seeing her face with my hat on her head! That's a great feeling!

The hat:

And here is a scarf I have just had it given to another colleague in Germany. She will receive it on Monday, hope she likes it. It's a seed stitch scarf I have learned from Teresa.


Secude said...

Em like mạnh cái bong tren cái nón


Good Morning Lovestitch!!!!!!!very beautiful this hat! I can't to do some one! here, in Brazil, its much used! (sorry my bad english!) kisses for you!

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