Monday, July 19, 2010

Crochet Fashionable Bag

Once reading an instruction for a fashionable bag on a crochet magazine (borrowed from a friend and I cannot remember its name), I know I have to make one for my own. It's a combination of solid granny squares with 4 different colors, and the design is really attractive!

This really is a great idea to start my "A Granny A Day" plan, so I began with a very excited feeling! The result is load of solid squares like this:

Then I joined them together in the way like this, put handles on, sewed lining and here is my complete bag:

Opened with the lining inside:

I think maybe you want to know how to make it, so I tried to write down what I have done in case you need, hope it's useful for you.

Instruction for the bag:

You need to make 24 motifs (6 motifs in one color), each motif is about 9.5-10cm.
Size F 3.75mm crochet hook.
Cotton yarn is for your choice, as long as it reaches your gauge.
A pair of bag handles: you can order from your local store.
  • Motif pattern and instruction: you can find here (thanks Teresa).
  • Joining to form a bag:
Follow this diagram and use the yarn color which you choose as main color of your bag to join motifs together to form a bag (for my bag it is green).

With wrong side facing, work a row of sc along edges, work each sc through front loops only on both edges. Dash lines on diagram are where motifs folded and joined to both front and back to form side and bottom seams.

Do not join the outside edges of the top 4 motifs on both sides as this a bag opening.

With right side facing and your main color yarn, work sc in each stitch along the outside edges of the top motifs on the bag. Weave all ends.

Must say, I love this bag soooooooooo much!!! Just wanna bring it with me all my way! :)

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Granny Squares - A Granny A Day

I am really into making granny squares, I love the mixed-colors, the stitches, and the shapes... But most of my projects are still undone as I am too busy and just have the limit time for crocheting, so I decided to start "a granny a day" plan, this will take little time a day so I will get as many as I like day by day. I also love to join them in some different ways for a blanket, table clothes, pillowcases, totes or decoration... Wow, it sounds promising! Let's see heheh... :)

The first one for the first day:

PS: you can find the pattern and instruction of this granny square from Attic24, a very beautiful place for you to visit. Thanks for sharing all the best things!

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