Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beyond the Squares - My favorite crochet book

Placed an order on, I waited about two weeks (for international shipping) to get "Beyond the Squares Crochet Motifs". It's not only worth my waiting, but it really meets my favorite also. With a great cover, covered with pictures of gorgeous motifs in attractive colors, Beyond the Squares is a good pennyworth.

You can find many useful things in the book, from a simple explanation of how to work the "sliding loop" for starting without a chain ring to the principle of flatness for circles. Hundreds of patterns with clearly instructions, including joining motifs, how to keep your circles from being either ruffle or cupped, tips for beginners... It also talks about making circles, triangles, squares and unusual shapes in a very cool way.

I especially love the explanation of how is crochet, it's simple just:

1. Put your hook somewhere.
2. Wrap the yarn over your hook.
3. Pull the hook through something.

Interesting? And here are some images of the lovely book:


Sherryl said...

I love this book also, bought mine about three years ago, don't use it as much as I would like to, but it is really a good book for motifs and using them to build a project. I turned one of the motifs into a pill box hat. I would say that every crocheter should own this one.

Lata said...

Thanks! I ordered this book today.

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