Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Crochet yarn and thread

Which do you prefer, yarn or thread?
Crochet is quite popular in my country. You will easily find your yarn or thread, but the variation of them, however, is not much. Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate, so we usually do not use the thick and fuzzy yarn for crocheting as temperate zone. Especially in Ho Chi Minh city, where I am living, the hot climate is mainly, so thread is preferred. I really love many different kinds of yarn and thread in the other countries showed on internet, but it's so hard to find in Vietnam.

My cotton thread collection:

And the tough thread usually used for making bags:

I also use some kinds of cotton yarn for sweaters, scarfs and hats...


SweetPeaYok said...

I would like to crochet handbag for this summer.
like this one
I have no idea what kind of yarn or thread I need for the bag since yarn will be too soft and stretchy. any recommend?

lovestitch said...

Hi, thanks for your visit.
I think cotton is perfect for crocheting such a bag. Some of my bags were made with cotton, some with a kind of thread which is very tough and less stretchy, bought from our local store. If you are not sure, I think the yarn shopper can give a good advise! :)
Looking forward to seeing your complete bag!
Great week to you!
LS, x

heidi said...

just joined,and already a big fan-I have been trying to find a beautiful "hello kitty" amigirumi pattern,and I am not happy with the ones I have seen. Perhaps you will create one!

Anonymous said...

Hi wer do u bought your cotton yarns. I am very interested. Thanks

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