Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Love the Sunshine

It's been quite some time since my last post, about ten days, hasn't it? It seems like ages to me!!!
I was a little bit busy these days, so now I am back to say 'Hi' to you all, hope you have a wonderful time!
This lovely heart motif is from "Beyond the Squares" - Edie Eckman - I mentioned in my last post. It's also the first time I tried a thing with my favorite book. And I love it. Do you think "Sunshine Heart" is a good name? :)

Enjoying flowers in sunshine is really great, they are so bright and beautiful. I took some "Sunshine Pics" today and would love to share you.

This lovely flower is quite popular in tropical climate areas, so once I saw it from Attic24, I just love to tell her there are so many such flowers in my garden. I knew them when I was just a very little girl, and now they're still there, as from all my childhood...
These flowers have just come to my garden recently, and I have no idea what they are called, just love them, the tiny flowers look bright and lovely in sunshine!
These flowers are always growing in clusters, so once they are in blossom, they look like to be in a vase!
And here, also in sunshine, a washcloth with sc cluster edging for my friend, she loves pink, and really loves it. Ah, it's also a big surprise to her knowing I can crochet! :)


daperfectmix said...

The flowers are beautiful! They remind me of Hawaii.

Mopo said...

Also I have "Beyond the Squares" book!It's rich of square :) another thing shared!
Sunshine Heart is very beatiful!
Have a nice day!

Fenny said...

nice heart en washcloth!


Clara said...

Love the heart and the washcloth...very nice.

Raine and Sage said...

I think sunshine heart is a perfect name. Hibiscus grow well here too. I like the crochet around the blanket. Gives it a special touch of love, and looks good.

Ames and Tash said...

Sunshine heart is the perfect name! Thanks also for sharing the flowers - they are so bright and happy. Your post has made me smile :)

Penelope said...

What a perfect name for your heart, sunshine heart is a very happy place to be. Thanks for sharing your beautiful flowers, how inspiring can nature be when it comes to stunning colours xox Thank you for your comments, really enjoy reading all my comments xo

susie said...

Yes, perfect name for this heart.
It seems like on a face , from on a distance.; :)

Thanks for sharing your pics with beautiful flowers !
Nice work on the washcloth !

greetings , Susie

Louise said...

I love your crochet heart, it looks amazing and your yarn colour is perfect. The flowers in your garden are beautiful. You are very lucky to have such colourful flowers so close to your home.

glor said...

Absolutely love the heart. Sounds like I have to look for this book! The flower pictures are beautiful, makes for happy! thanks.

Casey said...

hey! I had all the people I needed for the PIF on my blog but I don't mind one more if you still want in! just send me your email :)


Teje said...

Hello! 'Sunshineheart' is just the perfect name! Beautiful and defenetely I shall try this!
Thank you so much having me on your bloglist! I do appriciate!
Best wishes from Crete! Teje and Nero

Crochet with Raymond said...

The flower photographs are just lovely, I love the hibiscus!
Your sunshine heart is so sweet, I have that book too but have not made so many from it, I am inspired because of you!

Maria said...

Your heart is wonderful - so much fun and cheerfulness. Beautiful happy flowers too

annielizabeth said...

Hi! I went browsing on your blog and you make such beautiful projects. The red flower is a Hibiscus and here we call them the Hawaiian flower. They grow very well here. I have a golden-yellow double petaled plant in my garden. The next plant we call Lantana. It does well here, too. I have the kind that has multi- purples, red and yellow. I agree, I think that they look like a bouquet in itself. I don't know the name of the red flowers but they are really pretty. In your picture you look like my daughter. She is part Chinese and Filipino, from her dad and white European from me. Where I live, we have many Vietnamese people and restaurants. The food is yummy! Have a great day.

Lilybets said...

Hi dear, in Italian we call the red flower "Hibiscus",is very nice!.Thanks to visit my young blog!.I'm preparing a Giveaway to say welcome to my followers,please don't miss!.Have a nice week end,bye!.Lilybets

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