Monday, November 1, 2010

Crochet Colorful Bracelets

These bracelets are what I did on the rest of last Sunday, after "Coffee Break!". Once I found a very beautiful and easy-to-make tutorial on The Purl Bee, I knew I could not miss these lovely things, now here they are! Thanks for sharing!

I will make some more for matching my dress colors. Size S or M fix my hand well (for brown and blue one), but I also made size L for the red one, so you will see the button was not placed right at the edge as the others.
But look, it's still OK on my hand! :)
Hope you all have a new wonderful week!


crochet lady said...

Nice to meet a fellow crochet lover. Those are very cute cuff bracelets!

susie said...

fantastic your CCB's ! :)

Clara said...

Very cute.

Now drop by my site to pick up your award!

Killiecrankie Farm said...

haven't they turned out great - i've been eying that pattern off too - you have inspired me to get busy and make a few for stocking fillers !

Penelope said...

So sweet, I love the flower buton you have used xox

Ames and Tash said...

I love these! Great work!

Mopo said...

Hi!I also have an old Necchi :)
But Necchi and Singer are the best brands.
Instead Brother is good and cheap.
For now I have to arrange because if I bring a new sewing machine at home, my mom drives me out!
Maybe I could ask Santa Claus for a new machine:I can not refuse a gift! ;)
Take care of you!

Louise said...

Lovely. What a clever idea.

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