Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sunday Morning Sweater

Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for your lovely words on my knitted lilac top. My passion for knitting is growing and I'm so happy to hear how people around think or feel about my "achievement" in knitting - yes, whenever a knitted project is done, it's such an achievement to me! So, thank you!

See what I'm so excited to show you today - my Sunday Morning Sweater (just simply I finished it in a beautiful morning of a beautiful Sunday)! You can guess how much I'm happy with the result!

I have made three sweaters so far and this one is my best loved ever! It looks just too cute and stylish, doesn't it!!!

I found the pattern on Pickles and I just loved it. It's also available on Ravelry. The pattern (for size XS) calls for 200gr cotton yarn, but not sure how mine would turn out so I used 2 balls of Lion Brand Cotton Ease in my stash for the first try. Actually 1 ball I ripped out from a hat which I rarely wore.

I was worried I would run out of yarn as the yardage of my yarn is different from Pickles', not to mention it was not a full skein after being ripped out from the hat. I decided to "insert" some rounds/rows with the pink Lion Brand Wool Ease leftover instead of buying one more skein of cotton yarn. So happy with my decision: pictured is how much yarn leftover after my sweater was all done! Just about 2 meters! Good way to clear my stash!!! :)

Again, this sweater fits me wonderfully! I pretty much love the pattern, it's very easy and fast to knit. The only thing that I was struggling with is the Kitchener stitch to join front and back side of the shoulders together. I had to unravel and try again, and again, as if I could never go right with this technique, until I found this wonderful video. I digged out Youtube and watched many videos about Kitchener stitch during the time, but this one is really a big help to me! Things turned to so easy and so fun with it!

I love most of the patterns from Pickles. They are almost seemless, knitted in the round, simple and very easy to knit. They are also very beautiful! This pattern is knitted very quickly on size 10 needles, and the pink lines by chance make it sweeter!

I will make this sweater again, for sure. This is just a try to use up some leftover scrap yarns but it came out amazingly. The color is so sweet, too!! How many times did I tell you I love it?!!! :)

Thank you for stopping by, I hope you all are having a beautiful week!

Take care and all the best,

~ Hugs, LS xxxxx


Eveline said...

Wow! Yet another great sweater! I know the feeling of achievement when a piece is ready and looks great. I just watchet the video and it is very helpfull so thanks for linking it. To bad the pattern of this sweater isn't free in my size, but I think I have a similair one in one of the many books I have on the attic... But first I have to finish some projects and then it's my turn!

lirosa said...


Miss Ling said...

Hi LS! You have so many knitting projects going on! It's very impressive! =) I'd like to learn to knit too, but for the time being, you'll be pleased to know that I've just started learning how to crochet! What do you think of my first granny square (with all its mistakes)? =p


Nintendo Lizzy said...

That looks lovely on you! Not my kind of colors, but it's really cute and I can image it goes with almost anything ^^ Great job! I have yet to kit my first sweater...been knitting for 20 years but I do enjoy smaller projects. But I got a sweater or two in mind that I kinda want to try out in the near future!

Shari said...

I love it to and it fits nicely! I would love to make a sweater for this winter but I fail at them terribly! I guess I will stick to blankets ") Shari

Kris said...

It looks great! And looks very comfy too!!!
xo Kris

Mereknits said...

You are like the knitting Queen now, I love this new sweater and I love that you are trying new things like the Kitchener stitch. As a fan of knitting myself, I am a little biased but I think you are doing a fantastic job.

susie said...

Hi there girl, already another sweater !
Very nice ! And again it fits perfectly :)
You knit during the night too ?? ;)
Hugs ..

by Teresa said...

Wow, you are knitting these very fast! I also love this one. You model them very well.. maybe next time you'll add a head on top? LOL!
((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Dinah said...

it's look great and perfect, as always! hugs :))

Preeti said...

Very nice! :) and you do knit very fast !

susie said...

Hi LS, me again :)
You asked me what kind of yarn I've used for the black/blue dress of my granddaughter.

It's : KATIA - " surprise " (made in Spain)
53% wool, 47% acrylic nlds 8-9

(How do you call it in English ? - the little paper around the yarn-) Do let me know please.

But I used size 6 needles otherwise you look through the holes of this litte girl's dress and that's not the intention.

Glad to be helpful.
x :))

becktovintage said...

Hi My dear friend, This sweather is adorable.. You are knitting so perfect.. You may remember 2 weeks ago I began to knit a baby blanket.. But.. No knitting is so hard for me...:((
I like your sweather so so much. I wish you wore this beautiful sweather with all happiness and all happy days..:))
Best best wishes...:))

Aisyah Helga said...

LS, I envy you!! Another knitted item?? Love your sweater! Love the colours! I love everything you make!

Crafty in the Med said...

Gorgeous sweater!!
I o like the combination of colours too.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Haddock said...

Sweaters that are loose and streachable is always comfortable.

Sandy said...

Awesome, love how it fits and the color. Looks so soft and comfy. Well done on adding the strip and using what you had on hand vs purchasing more yarn.

Angelica Bucci said...

I love your blog,we could follow each other, what do you think? :) I follow you now :) Kiss, Angelica


Kathy said...

Beautiful work, sure wish I could knit!

Jules said...

Your knitting is lovely.x

Maria Dolores Lopez Godoy said...

Wow your work is wonderful and beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.


Sangeetha said...

Hi dear, Haven't heard from you for a looong time. I hope everything is fine at your end. Merry Christmas. Looking forward to a new post from you soon.
Lots of love.

susie said...

Hi girl, me again ! :)
How are you ? Hopefully everything is all right at home.
I give you a big hug :)

Sandy said...

Me again, too long since you've blogged. Swinging by from Sandy's Space to say Happy New Year. If you get back to blogging, please swing by to let me know so I can add you back to the blog log.


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