Friday, December 3, 2010

Crochet Christmas Ornaments

Hello my dear friends! I am here again, it's such a happiness to me as always! I do appreciate for all lovely words you have made on my blog, if only you know how it's meaningful to me, thank you! Hope you have spent a great week!

These days I really enjoy a lot of beautiful stuff for welcoming Greeting season from your wonderful places, they all are adorable, give me a very Christmas feeling!

I have just finished some little things for Xmas, very little, very handmade, and I am very please to share :).

A Christmas Card: I made this card for all of you, my so lovely friends, wishing you a very merry Christmas!
You'd like to have the pattern for this tree? You got it, right here, so simple, and so fun to make.

- The Xmas Tree:
With red, chain 14.
Row 1-3: 14 single crochet, turn.
Row 4: 1 sc decrease, 11 sc in next stitches (skip the last stitch and turn) (total 12 sc).
Row 5: 12 sc across. Change to Green, turn.
Row 6: 12 sc across, turn.
Row 7: 9 sc across, 1 sc decrease in the last 2 st, turn (total 10 sc).
Row 8-9: 10 sc across. Change back to Red, turn.
Row 10: 10 sc across, turn.
Row 11: 7 sc across, 1 sc decrease in the last 2 stitches (total 8 sc), turn.
Row 12-13: 8 sc across. Change to Green, turn.
Row 14: 5 sc across, 1 sc decrease in the last 2 stitches (total 6 sc), turn.
Row 15-17: 6 sc across, turn.
Row 18: 1 sc decrease, 3 sc across (total 4 sc), turn.
Row 19: 4 sc across, turn.
Row 20: 1 sc decreae, 1 sc (total 2 sc), turn.
Row 21: 2 sc.
Row 22: 1 sc decrease.
- The little star: I used the pattern here, but just made for 2 rounds.
- The base of the tree:
Row 1: skip 4 first stitches, work 6 sc across through the back loop of the beginning ch, turn.
Row 2-4: 6 sc across.
- French knot embroidery to make the snowy dots.
Make your own card as special as you want!

Star ornament: The lovely star, with very Christmas colors!And how it looks when getting along with the Christmas tree! Lovely friendship, isn't it?Pattern for this star is still from my fav book, making it made me really happy!

And, the last one I would love to share, a first piece of my knitting, my practice of stockinette stitch, it also has Christmas colors, oh a bit shy :)
I love to learn knitting, love to do crochet, and other lovely crafting, just wish I got much free time... But we seem hardly have enough time for what we want to do :)

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and enjoy it!!!



glor said...

I love the ornaments. They are so pretty. And thank you, thank you for the tree pattern. Looking forward to making this and maybe a card as well as you did. I can just imagine the delight of the person who receives this. Have a great day.

- said...

Oh my gosh the card is so cute and makes a really nice gift for a special friend. I love that star....and your knitting is looking just fine.
Isn't it fun creating for Christmas?

Mopo said...

Hi Lovestitch!
Your creations are very lovely!
I'm also working on a greeting cards with a Christmas crochet tree.
We had the same ideaaaa! :D
As soon as I finish, I'll post some photo ;)
I hope you have a full creative weekend!!!

lovestitch said...

Glor: Thank you for your kind words, I love to see your card soon ;). Enjoy your weekend!

lovestitch said...

Clara: Yes, I found it's really fun doing something for Christmas! Love yours too, you made so many beautiful and adorable things!
Take loads of care,
Have a great weekend!

lovestitch said...

Mopo: Hahah, we seem to have so many same things! So fun! :D
I can't wait to see it!
Nice weekend, too!
LoL, xxx

Ames and Tash said...

Wow, your Christmas decorations are very cheery. They are really nice. Good work with the knitting, it looks great. Also, thanks for the nice words. We all enjoy reading your blog too. Have a fantastic and happy weekend xoxo

lovestitch said...

Thank you Ames and Tash, how sweet you are! Thanks for lovely words on my knitting, I am just a beginner, hope have chance to learn from you, your knitting really inspires me!
Have a fantastic weekend!

Eleana said...

Holaaaa. Gracias por visitarme. Los adornos de navidad son una belleza. Todo tu blog es bello, y haces lindas labores. Felicidades. Un abrazo.

Rudee said...

Beautiful ornaments!

susie said...

Hi, such a beautiful card and a very lovely star !!
Your knitting looks just fine.

Have a warm sunday , Susie

Shanti said...

Your ornaments are so cute!!! I love your header and what it says...

lovestitch said...

Thank you ladies! That's so kind of you to be here and leaving me lovely messages, I am so happy! :)
Hope you all have a wonderful day!

angry birds rio said...

So cute! thanks for sharing.

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