Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The first Bolero I ♥ to wear!

I always wanted to have a crocheted bolero to wear and tried to make a couple of things wearable before, but this is the FIRST one I can wear comfortably and I really love it! It was done over the weekend, you know how excited I was working on the finishings! It came out much much more beautiful than I expected!

Actually I started to work on this bolero several months ago but then I just kept getting distracted by many other projects so it had been in my WIP's bag for a while, until I took it out last week and tried to get it done.

In case you are wondering, I made this bolero using a pattern I by chance found on Picasa, in chart form. I will soon upload the pattern to share you all when I find out where it's hiding in my computer - I just printed it out to follow the instructions and cannot remember what folder I put it in - but it must be somewhere within this small machine!

- Thread: DMC cotton thread No. 10 (1 ball is enough for the whole body, a little of the second ball is mainly for joining and making the borders).
- Crochet hook size: 1.8mm

Don't you just love these lovely fronts?

And a close look at the stitches... It's so soft and the creamy color is just so sweet enough for me to look at it, hold it, and feel it all the weekend!

I love every detail of the bolero, but the most wonderful thing is it fits me sooooooo well, just like it's just for me! See how it looks on me - sorry for the "model"! :)

A look from the back... Surely my tank tops are all ready and happy to go with it!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Wishing you all a beautiful rest of the week!

~ See you soon ♥

UPDATE on Sep 9, 2012:

Here is the link to the pattern on Picasa.

Note: I added 7 rows more for the lower body parts and 3 more rows on the upper parts (as seems the cotton 10 is quite thinner than the one used in pattern).


LindaCrochets said...

Beautiful! Hope you find the pattern to share. It fits nicely!

Monique said...

It's lovely and is fits great. Well done.

Groetjes, Monique

Debi Y. said...

It's beautiful, and it looks very nice on you. Great work. :)

Heather - The Good Life said...

So pretty, soft and feminine. Looks great with the red underneath; beautiful work. Heather

glor said...

How beautiful and the fit is perfect. Very professional. Your work is super.

Pammy Sue said...

It's beautiful and fits you to a tee! You do such pretty work. I have never made anything that fits me right, but they were fun to make anyway. Enjoy your bolero.

becktovintage said...

Ohh your bolero is wonderful.. So cute and pretty.. Hard work but fine work..:))

Dawn L (CatCrazy) said...


Crafty in the Med said...

Really gorgoeus.
That would look so nice over an evening gown or if not a lovely wispy summer dress. Very nice...well done! I've used DMC cotton Nº 10 before and its a very fine thread and I assure you anything made with that thread lasts for years.
I'll look forward to the pattern if its chart form better still I find charts easier to follow. I'd like to make one for my grand-daughter.

keep well

Amanda :-)

Celeste said...

Il est ravissant ce boléro, une vraie réussite!!!!
Il vous va vraiment bien, bravo.

nives said...

very very nice

nives rucni radovi.blogspot

**Anne** said...

Your bolero is gorgeous, your work beautiful. Congratulations on making something that fits so beautifully and you love. Enjoy wearing it.
Anne xx

Mereknits said...

WOW!!! It is lovely, just perfect. You did a fantastic job and you made it in one weekend!!! That is unbelievable. I think there is another one in your future, black maybe?

Anonymous said...

This is so pretty! You did a wonderful job.

by Teresa said...

This is just gorgeous, good job! Bravo! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Sangeetha said...

Gorgeous bolero. Looking forward to the pattern. I have been wanting to make something wearable for a long time.

susie said...

Hi girl ... WOO-OW ! This is beautiful!!
Very very nice work ! My compliments !
2 years ago, I had one made for my grand-daugther but she's grown out of it :(
Gonna enjoy further more ....

Lovely greetings :)

Mopo said...

It's very very cute!

Elizabeth's quarters said...

That is so pretty, and your tension looks perfect! I'm inspired to pick up my crochet hook.

jee Q said...

beautiful! i want to make one someday

El Olor de Cádiz said...


Shari said...

Wonderful JOB! I can never get anything to fit me. Nice work! Shari

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Your bolero turned out so beautifully. I have never made anything to wear, except scarves and a shawl. I think I should try a poncho or something one of these days. Best wishes to you, Tammy

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Lovestitch,

Your bolero is fabulous and is such a wonderful fit and love the pretty design and pattern.
Many thanks for visiting me and following and I will join following you.

Happy day

Luna said...

Welcome to my blog! :0) ,thank you so much for visiting,I'm so happy to have you around.You have such e beautiful blog and full of gorgeous projects and inspiration.Thanks and have a wonderful weekend.


Flory said...

It's beautiful LS!
I love it!
You always make beautiful things.
Have a lovely day LS!

principeta said...

Love it!Lovely pattern and beautiful color.Can't believe you use one ball of thread.Is it 50 gr?Looking forward to pattern.

MARİFETANE (Elif Hatice) said...

Bu bolero muhteşem harika görünüyor eline sağlık arkadaşım güle güle kullanın sevgiler.

Sandy said...

Love it, looks great on you. I tend to like written patterns, graphs confuse me, guess I've not gotten used to them.

Kathy said...

Beautiful, and it fits you so well. I love the pattern and the simple button!

玉芳 said...

My dear Lovestitch! I nominated you for the "One Lovely Blog Award!" I adore your work and you truly deserve this! Go to my blog for more info! Xxx Yufang!

Anonymous said...

its so cute! it fits so well! perfect! greetings, Raphaele

sajuki said...

so pretty !
Greetings from Poland,

Cecilia said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment!
Have you seen that I've made a phone cozy after your pattern? http://cottoncandycrochet.blogspot.se/2011/09/puffigt-mobilfodral.html
I always get a lot of compliments for the cozy, thank you for the pattern! <3

Iniyaa! said...

Hi LS,
The bolero looks charming!
Amazing piece of work . Wanna do it sometime. You are a great source of inspiration...


Mary Doukakis said...

Love that bolero! The link goes to picassa in another language (Japanese?) I'm not familiar with picassa # I think I have to be using a desktop or something...not working too well on android phone... But thanks for the link; I have to investigate further on my home computer :-)

Habiba Mahmoud said...

what's the name of this stitch plz :) ?

Ratna Sumiati said...

blend the colors are very pretty..
I Like It

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ROSE said...

Beautiful and delicate work!


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