Friday, June 8, 2012

Knitted hat is done!

Finally some yarn left is still enough for this hat... I was so happy enjoying how it was turning out, stitch by stitch!

This is a very quick and easy project that only takes about 3-4 hours for a beginner like me to finish, I believe it's just around 1-1.5 hours for knitting experts to play with!

I made the hat using this pattern from Lion Brand. I was just worried about running out of yarn so I adjusted a little bit on the decrease for shape crown. But it was also fine, the hat still came out so much pretty and I love the rib edging very very much!

It's so soft and warm. I love this, as much as the cowl I finished last week. I believe my Mom does, too!

Wishing everyone a gorgeous weekend ahead.

~ Happy creating! x


Devi said...

Beautiful hat! looks very professionally made :)

Mary said...

Very nice..I love wearing cowls so this will be my next project after my crochet project..

Innestemmen said...

Looks very cool and comfy. Lucky mom =)

MARİFETANE (Elif Hatice) said...

çok güzel eline sağlık arkadaşım iyi pazarlar.

nives said...

very nice

Celeste said...

Très joli bonnet, et une belle couleur.
Bon dimanche.Celeste

Donna said...

Oh my sweet LS,

Oh my, you should take more credit! You are certainly no beginner any longer! You, my dear friend, knit, crochet and everything else you try, become a master in almost no time at all! You have amazed me! Going from simple 1-2-3 patterns to writing your own gorgeous patterns!

Take a bow my friend!

Love and hugs,

Go Crochet!!! said...

Nice hat!! ^^

... Tabiboo ... said...

I could do with one of those at the moment - it is sooooo cold here and it really does look truly delicious.....and warm.

Nina x

LDH said...

Very nice! Your stitching is so perfect with every stitch so uniform. You did a great job and it does look nice with the cowl you completed :)

Kindly, Lorraine

jee Q said...

very nice hat! i wish i can knit too :)
i nominated you for the sunshine award.


~♡ηυяѕαℓкιмι™ said...

Your hat is very nice.

Tanesha-Marie said...

Lovely and your so clever at knitting-I wish I could knit like you :)

Tanesha x

Robert Daniel said...

there is a award on my blog for you

lovestitch said...

Dear Robert,
I'm really appreciated the award and thank you for thinking of me. But I cannot find your blog via commenter profile. Could you drop me an email to leave the link to your blog so that I can stop by and visit you back? Thank you so much!
Best wishes,

konagirl said...

Very nice work!!

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