Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Knit simple hanger cover

Hello everyone!

Thank you very much for your kind words on my blog so far. I'm so happy you like my crafts and would love to let you know that I really appreciate every comment from each of you!

I made this hanger cover last week but have been too busy to take photos and post. After I took photos of the crocheted top in my last post, I just felt that my hanger looked quite monotonous, it should have a nice cover. Didn't it come out lovely? :)

This one is really simple, fun and easy to make. At first, you need to remove the hook from the hanger by unscrewing it. Then you knit a flat rectangle piece in stockinette stitch with any yarn you like (I used cotton for this one), fold it and sew seam. Now you can "dress" your hanger, I stretched a bit to make it have a lacy look. Sew both edges. Screw the metal hook tightly and you're done! Crochet a small flower to attach at the center would make your hanger cover nicer!


Thank you for your time and hope everyone have a great week ahead! ♥

All the best ~


Pammy Sue said...

Your hanger is very pretty! The flower just makes it. Very sweet.

Donna said...

This hanger cover is simply adorable, my friend! And, I love that you can stretch it to make it a bit lacy, or let it be closer and manly for the husbands in our lives. The flower gives it such a feminine touch!

Really, really adorable! They would make great wedding gifts, too. Two colors - one for him, one for her!

The pony tail scrunchies you gave the pattern for is great! I have made a good many of them and they look wonderful. I've used #3 ply yarn on them and they come out great. #4 ply is a little bulkier, but also works, I just didn't make it quite as thick! Love the pattern, very easy to read and apply!


Elli said...

Bisher kannte ich nur die gehaekelte "Bekleidung" fuer den Kleiderbuegel. :-)
Deine "gestrickte Version" gefaellt mir sehr gut! Eine nette Idee!
Bye, bye Elli

Celeste said...

Très belle idée pour mettre un peu de couleur dans nos armoires.

Ling said...

So so cute! It has the added benefit of stopping snags on delicate clothing, and it also stops strappy dresses from slipping off the hanger! I love it!

Mereknits said...

So cute!!!! I love your hanger and am glad you think it deserves a post of its own.
Happy Tuesday,

Shari said...

What a great idea. Will have to try this! My daughter would love it!! Thanks for sharing.Shari

nives said...

very cute

Veja said...

This hanger like a girl! And her mom ...

by Teresa said...

I like your hanger.. I made a few using crochet and love them, as the clothes don't fall off the hanger! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

I have been wanting to crochet wooden hangers for the longest time but haven't done so yet. Your knitted one turned out great. Hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Tammy

annielizabeth said...

Your summer top is so pretty and now the hanger does, too!

Miki said...

Beautiful blog and works.

huyyl said...

Now you can "dress" your hanger, I stretched a bit to make it have a Halloween mltailor bridemaid dresses.

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