Monday, September 26, 2011

First Giveaway Win!

I received this lovely giveaway from our very lovely friend Aurora Blythe in the midst of August but was too busy with my family troubles to post about it. This is the first time I won a giveaway and I'm really happy!

Opened the box I was amazed with this beautiful fuzzy case! I love it so! Thank you, Aurora! x

Oh it's a lovely case with so many lovely stuff inside! A sneak peek first:

See what I took out, aren't they wonderful?!! So many gorgeous things were packed for the giveaway that I was really lucky to be the winner!
I love them all! Thank you very much, Aurora!

♥ Wishing everyone a fabulous new week ahead!

Till next time,
LS,  xxxxxxxxxx


paula said...

wow! What a great win. I need to have another giveaway but can't think of what to send . . .might have to be a surprise package ;0}

Donna said...

Oh my gosh! What a lovely gift, my friend! A real treat and very much a blessing!

Happy new week to you my friend!


Celeste said...

heureuse de vous avoir parmi nous,c'est vraiment un très joli cadeau, mais vous le méritez certainement, c'est bon d'avoir des amis qui pensent à nous.
Heureuse semaine.Celeste

Annaboo said...

What lovely goodies to arrive in the post.
Lucky you!
Have a great week.

K @ Aurora Blythe said...

I have so enjoyed seeing these items and thinking they are all the way on the other side of the globe with you now! Words cannot describe how neat I think that is. And to see how you arranged everything was so fun! Happy day to you, My Friend. :-)

lovestitch said...

Thank you so much, my friends! Happy day to you too! xo

Pammy Sue said...

Sweet gifts! You are very lucky. I won't feel so bad now that you didn't win mine too. Ha-ha-ha. Love that necklace. Teresa is a sweetie-pie.

Eleana said...

Felicidades por tus regalitos!!!, son una belleza, disfrútalos. Gracias por la visita. Feliz fin de semana. Un abrazo.

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