Thursday, September 2, 2010

Morning in the garden

When getting out into the garden this morning, a very comfortable feeling came to me. Fresh air and cool weather, green trees, colorful flowers, ... everything is perfect! Today I would love to share you something about my Dragon Bean trellis.

Few months ago, my Mom sown some seeds in our garden, now they're growing and in bloom. It's a kind of bean, mainly grown in Asia plants like green beans, soybeans... and perhaps its shape looks like the scales of Dragon so it is called "Dragon Bean"! :)

Observing its normal growing process within the morning you will feel so interesting. Buds are just showing...

Then blooming...

In purple...

And in white

So beautiful! So soft! So bright! So much I love...!!!

And where a flower is, there come a bee right away!!! A natural rule...

OOhhhh, so strange!!! There was a strawberry on my bean trellis!!! :)

I took it on my hand... (but cannot eat!!!)

Do you love to get pattern for this nice strawberry?
You get it right here:
Fruit body:
Make a magic circle
Round 1: chain 1, 6 sc in the loop. Do not join. Add a marker in your beginning stitch.
Round 2: 2 sc in each sc around (12 sc total)
Round 3: *1 sc in next stitch,
2 sc in next stitch. Repeat around from * (18 sc total)
Round 4: sc increase every 2 stitches (24 sc)
Round 5-7: 1 sc in each sc around (24 sc)
Round 8: sc decrease every 2 stitches (18 sc)
Round 9-10:
sc in each sc around (18 sc)
Round 11: 1 sc, 1 sc decrease (12 sc)
Round 12: 1 sc in each sc around (12 sc)
Round 13: 1 sc decrease in each stitch around (6 sc decrease total)
Stuff and sew shut.

Round 1: chain 1, 6 sc in the loop.
Round 2: 1 sc increase in each sc around (12 sc)
Round 3: chain 1, * sc in the same stitch, chain 3, skip 2 stitch, sc in next stitch. Continue from * all around, join at beginning chain (4 chain-3 total)
Round 4: chain 5, sc in the 2nd chain from hook, 1 half double crochet in next chain, dc in each of next 2 chains, slip stitch in the next sc (total 1 sc, 1 hdc, 2 dc total). This will give you a leaf triangle, continue for the remainder.
Sew the leaf to the top of the strawberry body. Make a chain loop on top of the strawberry if you want to use it for a key. Secure and sew in the tails.


Nélia said...

Muito bonitinho!
Parabéns pelos bonitos trabalhos do seu blog.
Bom fim de semana


Mopo said...

Hi!Thank you for visiting my blog. I became your follower so we keep in touch.
Have a nice day,

Raine and Sage said...

Nothing is more beautiful than nature. What an interesting and patient way of photographing that flower. Fantastic! Lovely strawberry too. :)

Anonymous said...

So cool! really like the garden of "Dragon bean"

Anonymous said...


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