Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Disappointed crochet day!

Next week is my close friend's birthday, and I love to give her a special handmade gift. I decided to make a drum-bag, was found on internet and it's really a lovely pattern. I used all my Sunday to crochet with hope of nice present... And the result, you know, I just wanna throw it away!!!

Although I know the yarn quality delivered is not as my wish when placing order, it's not soft as the ads, so stiff and the color is much darker, I tried with patience to get it done. But the more I tried, the more I felt badly let down!

I called the yarn shop and they promised to change another kind of yarn for me within a week. I will return them all, including the "drum-bag", if possible, huhhhhh...!!!

Anyway this is also an experience for me, and for any experience, we always pay bid! :)


freshpursuit said...

i know dear...sometimes it happens for me too...but then we learn from our mistakes rit....i did a lot...

Tammie said...

Sometimes we all have a bad day. :( Please be VERY proud of how well you have progressed in such a short time! Even your first pieces were good for a beginner. The bolero you crocheted recently is absolutely flawless!

I live in a very rural US area that does not have any yarn stores; all my purchases are online. It's also difficult for me to decide if the yarn I select will be correct for my projects. I think we'll catch on as we gather more experience :)

lovestitch said...

Thank you all so much for your encouragement, it really makes my day! Yes we learn from such experience in our life, and after that we will be better!

I greatly appreciate your comments. Take loads of care and keep in touch! :)

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